Basque cuisine

Inspired by the techniques and characteristics of the Basque region, Sebastian celebrates the deep traditions, cosmopolitan flair and individual spirit of one of the world’s most magical food destinations. Famous for its endless pintxos bars and world leading Michelin star restaurants, the Basque delights with its unique cuisine, from bite-size delicacies to fresh seafood to avant-garde cuisine.

The experience at Sebastian is designed to mirror the Basque’s intrinsic connection to food and wine. It creates dishes that are simple and unpretentious, healthy and hearty, yet inspiring and imaginative. Seasonal menus showcase the outstanding quality of Hunter Valley produce, and its location allows the team to align with the Basque tried and tested philosophy of turning to the sea, mountains and valleys for its produce.

Head chef Gianni Moretto has spent years working in traditional Basque establishments as well as acclaimed Michelin starred restaurants, and his vision is to create an experience that reflects the enormous significance and importance of food in Basque culture. The service is attentive and informed, the technique modern yet approachable.

Guests of Sebastian will feel a close connection to the food and its creators: chefs here present the meals and explain the intricacies of their creations, while the ambience is relaxed, informal and inviting.